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"The most entertaining and original


"Need a guaranteed-reaction show for weekends? This is it. THAT THING is one humor-filled, memory-packed wild ride. We can't imagine Saturday nights without it!" 

George Gibb, WPLK 

"Rich conveys true entertainment value and brings it to another level of success. THAT THING takes great music and personality back into radio’s headlights and shines brightly.  I recommend it to my clients." 

Gary Begin, Radio Programming Consultant, Sound Advantage Media

"If you play this music…you need this show. Tightly produced and highly entertaining!" 

Bob Anthony, KOOL 107.1

"One of the best shows we run: true appointment radio. Lots of positive feedback every week. Glad to have Rich turn our listeners into Appleheads! "

Zeb Navarro, KKSM

"I'd tell any PD to add THAT THING; your sales department will benefit as well. We get great response every weekend!"

Bill Benjamin, Magic 95.9

"Don't settle for old, tired radio reruns every weekend. THAT THING with Rich Appel is the show your listeners will be talking about all week long!"

Mike Hemeon, COOL 94.1

“A show so good, our listeners can’t get enough of it! Rich delivers exciting radio week after week with THAT THING…It’s a true gem.”

Jackie Peyton, JB105

"Rich's passion is unparalleled, something you simply don’t find in this business anymore."

Shawn Ryan, WOLD

"The perfect complement to our Classic Hits station. Rich fits in as 'one of the guys' since we're live-hosted by personality-driven veteran DJs of the classic radio era.  Our audience is crazy about THAT THING and regularly tune in to listen and also participate in online social media about the show. Very satisfied to have THAT THING as a part of our lineup!"

John Van Camp, Boss Boss Radio

"Best show we carry! THAT THING strikes the perfect blend between the music, retro commercials and Rich's talk-ups."

Jim Trapani, WEFA

"One of the coolest shows on the airwaves. Rich's musical knowledge and quick wit takes you back to the days when great DJs ruled the radio dial. THAT THING has touched the lives of so many people and cemented its place in the history of great shows."

Vern Shank, Surf 97.3 

"THAT THING brings listeners - and great entertainment - to our station. Rich makes the show fun, and people love the classic commercials."  

Dave Post, WXHR

"Radio's most original and entertaining classic hits show!"

Don Tandler, Pop Gold Radio

"THAT THING is a huge asset to our station. The top-notch production, vintage commercials, Rich’s quick wit and the flawless way he captures that classic radio feel while including commentary on current happenings in pop culture is spectacular. I would definitely recommend THAT THING to any programmer looking for a show with a classic sound but contemporary as well."

Michael Kendall Harris, Oldies Funhouse Radio

"Recaptures an era when radio was fun and entertaining. THAT THING is a blast that goes off every week...then we clean up the debris that is our competition and reset the fuse!"

Gordon Gibb, Your Kawartha Oldies


"Mind-bending radio from one of the best in the business!"

Russ Horton, 

"The Best Radio Show in America! I grew up in the 70s and remember how fantastic radio was then. Your show is the only one that really takes me back!"

Matt, Indiana

"Every weekend your show makes me laugh and smile and gives me those warm and fuzzy feelings. I feel like you are family."

Karen, Connecticut

"Greatest THING on the radio! Thank you for great entertainment."

Robert, California

"Thank you for making music so much fun!"

Peggy, Washington

"The best three hours of my week!"

John, Hawaii

"THAT THING will put a big smile on your face, and make you forget the world for awhile."

Randy, Massachusetts

"As a former radio DJ, to say THAT THING is unique is understatement: It is unparalleled. It's like getting a fun history lesson every week, as Rich somehow finds a song to link to a birthday or historic event from this week in the past. And his puns are to die for."

Keith, New York

"THAT THING brings back the personality today's radio seems to have lost."

Bob, Iowa

"Thank you for all the music and laughter!"

Nancy, New York

"I love your show - very down to Earth. You sure know how to program this music to blow people's minds!"

Jeffrey, Kentucky

“The best THING that ever happened to radio!”

Steven, Florida

"THAT THING is appointment radio: Compelling presentation, brilliantly conceived and fully realized.”

Andy, New Jersey

"Rich, I wish I could buy a billboard for you because the show is GREAT! It's too good to not tell the world!"

Minerva, New Jersey

"One of the best music radio shows I have heard in my lifetime! I look forward to every weekend. Awesome shows week after week!"

Jim, Connecticut

"Nobody does it better than Rich Appel."

Harvey, Maryland

"We only block time for one show a week: Not a TV show, but your radio show. Your music selection blows us away!"

Dave and Alesha, Florida

"Unlike anything I've heard before - just amazing. Rich has a wonderful way with words and great knack for creative radio programming."

Dale, Ontario, Canada

"The best show on radio. A fun-filled three hours with a great mix of everything.”

Mary Ellen, Connecticut

"Every week I am amazed at how you link music together under different headings and it all makes sense."

Ed, Hawaii

"Since we stumbled upon THAT THING with Rich Appel, our radio is chasing it everywhere it can, from the latest show to the back catalogue. The amazing diversity Rich shows with his playlists, and the way he knows exactly what the demographic needs right now, is fantastic. The vintage ads are brilliant, and literally every song is a classic."

Suzie and Jennifer, Tasmania, Australia

"Classic Top 40 the way it was...and should always be.”

Kevin, Ohio


"Rich proves that what made radio great in the Golden Age - humor, personality and a wide playlist - still works."

Mike, California


"Absolutely phenomenal. I look forward to your show all week! THAT THING with Rich Appel is a great testament to the best of what radio can provide between the listener and announcer. You seamlessly bring the soundtrack of our lives into our homes with so much enthusiasm, happiness and behind-the-scenes effort."

Paul, Nova Scotia

"Great music, great laughs, great fun.”

Debbie, New Jersey


"I haven't heard such good radio since I was a teenager listening to KXOK in St. Louis."  

Karen, Texas


"THAT THING is a lot of things: a little history, a little comedy, great memories and great personality, mixed with five decades of the best music ever made."

Tony, Florida


"Rich proves music radio doesn't have to be just one era or another: It can be many things in the hands of someone who knows how to turn a stack of records into a fun playlist.”

Alec, Ohio


"Love THAT THING! Great DJ! Rich's musical knowledge amazes me, music just comes naturally to him. Also love the stories he tells. I look forward to this every weekend.”

Gina, West Virginia


"The best three hours of my week! In a world gone angry, THAT THING with Rich Appel brings us to a better place.”

Ken, Michigan


"Everything about THAT THING makes me smile: the music, classic commercials, even Rich's groan-inducing humor.

Stephen, California


"When my husband and I listen to THAT THING with Rich Appel, we're both quiet. Even I stop talking.”

Irene, New Jersey


"Rich is a master of the playlist. The joy evoked by these songs makes my day."

Eve, California


"THAT THING has great music, awesome classic commercials, and Rich's daughter nagging him. Fun for the whole family!”

Pamela, Florida

"Radio the way it oughta be.”

Alan, New Jersey


"THAT THING is like a fine dinner, starting with classic commercials, great tunes and stories for the main course and an AfterShow for dessert. We never miss it."

Jane, New York


"THAT THING is filled with fun facts and great songs. Isn't radio supposed to be fun? Clearly Rich thinks so.”

Tom, Maryland


"I enjoy THAT THING with Rich Appel every week. The vintage commercials are a nice touch.”

Gary, Ohio

What LISTENERS say about


"The Best Radio Show in America!"

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