...an award-winning radio personality.  

Ok, full disclosure: At age 12, Rich won an award for throwing a football through a hanging tire. And he's a radio personality.

But Rich has also proven to be on target with THAT THING.


Rich has spent most of his life listening to and loving music and radio, and working in the radio, music and media businesses. From high school and college radio to on-air work at stations like WRNJ (where he hosted The Rest of the Week with Rich Appel and filled in mornings, middays and afternoons), WGHT and Pop Gold Radio (where he’s filled in as host for The Time Machine countdown), it’s all led to THAT THING.


Rich’s background goes beyond just radio. Following 20 years at Sony Music Entertainment (home to Columbia, RCA and Epic Records), he was editor of Billboard’s Top 40 Update and continues to write for the magazine and website, with chart-based series such as “Hot 100’s Hottest Weeks” and "Revisionist History.” 


Rich co-authored Book of Days 60s and Book of Days 70s - each a by-day pop culture reference for its decade - and wrote the radio and music newsletter Hz So Good from 1996 to 2015.


Want to challenge Rich with a little music trivia? Not only did he write the questions for Citibank’s online games, for over a decade he wrote and ran a New York City-based music quiz show event that raised money for charities such as MusiCares and WhyHunger.


Rich also teaches radio, broadcasting, media, pop culture, public speaking, voice articulation and writing classes at Fairleigh Dickinson, Seton Hall, Montclair State and Felician Universities. And he's done a bit of voiceover work as well.

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