Appleheads, Unite!

If you love that thing with Rich Appel - and, why wouldn't you? - here's our countdown of the Top 10 things Appleheads can do to show that love.


10  Visit our that thing... merch page.

9  Tell that thing... your song-related story(s) for "Needles & Spins," suggest a song for the "Slow Dance Make-Out Song of the Week" or the "AfterShow," or say anything you'd like about the program on our comments page.

8  Listen to that thing.... That's why we're here.

7  Listen closer to that thing... a second time. You never know what you might have missed that first go-round. 

6  Tell a friend or two, or 20, or 20,000, about that thing....

5  Tell the radio station you listen to who isn't carrying that thing... about that thing....

4  Click the Facebook "Like" and "Share" buttons below, and join us on our Facebook page.

3  Share your love of that thing... with the world. Blast it with the windows open, at home or in your car. 

2  Have a party. that thing... would be happy to entertain.

1  Join that thing...'s mailing list.